To all of the Parents of all of the Actors, Singers, Dancers, Crew members, Makeup Artists, Costumers, Student Directors and Musicians of the Cast of Damn Yankees -
We are almost to show time! To make all of this happen with maximum parental support and minimal stress, we have a single, easy request for you. We request that each family with a child involved in this production write a $20 donation to fund these three things:
  • The traditional Marathon Night rehearsal dinners for cast, orchestra and crew that keeps energy up and motivation pumping,
  • The performance night back stage snacks that keep nervous hands busy and anxious stomachs settled, and
  • The snack bar items that provide discretionary funding for both future productions and the many things that need to be purchased at the last minute to keep Hampton's Drama Club productions looking as great as they always do.
This check should be written out to Vickie Bedel and mailed by Monday March 26th to the address: 3084 Henrich Farm Lane, Allison Park PA 15101 so the funds can be appropriately dispersed among the three committees and the work of shopping, preparing and coordinating these efforts can begin.

We would like to say that we are truly appreciative of your donation. The rewards of participation in a school musical are lifelong friendships, increased self-confidence, and a sense of belonging and poise that transcends the stage and makes itself evident in the classroom, at home and beyond. Comparative to any Hampton school or club sport or extracurricular activity, Musical truly is a bargain.
We would also like to encourage you to sign up to sell (and buy) raffle tickets and flowers, man the snack bar, assist with costumes, help out with backstage snacks or marathon night and to come out to the shows in force. A link to a parent volunteer spreadsheet can be found here: .
We hope that a single donation this year to cover these costs instead of the endless stream of emails and requests in years past is an easy thank you for the countless hours the teachers give of their own lives to help our kids grow and glow - and a huge emotional support to our kids, who truly put their lives on hold to stage a production of this magnitude and excellence.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request!
If there are others you know we have missed on this initial communication, we would invite your assistance with further distribution as needed.

Concessions: Vickie & Jay Bedel, & Mary Van Gorder,
Marathon Nights: Lisa Lombardo, and
Backstage Snacks: Cyd Stackhouse,
PS – Please note that any leftover funds may be applied to the cast party or otherwise given indirectly back to students. Gifts for directors are not addressed in this email.