To access the pictures for the HHS Guys and Dolls rehearsal.

1) WHERE TO FIND: go to this link: [[@redir.aspx?C=5f8edbb913b246f3a61a684566addf2f&URL=|]]
first gallery is the rehearsal with the Guys and Dolls cover page

3) HOW TO DOWNLOAD DIGITAL PICTURES: Scroll through the pictures, if you run your mouse pointer over the picture you want to download, a pop up panel will come up on the right side of the photo, and if you want to download the photo as a jpeg to your computer, just click the "Save Photo" folder. Costs you nothing to download and you can download as many photos as you want.

4) OPTION TO BUY PRINTS/MERCHANDISE: You can get prints and other merchandise from the from the SmugMug site by clicking the "BUY" button on the upper right of the page. This transaction is between you and smugmug.